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Make the world a better place with Donate Browser

Donate Browser is an expression of our personality and signals strength, security, and serious solidarity. The use rules dictate the right way to make sure the world becomes a better place.

Thanks to this amazing free app we can all send a strong message of solidarity to guarantee help to those who need it.

What is Donate Browser?

Donate is a very modern browser based on WebKit, providing users fast and solid browsing; a free application developed (for now) for Android mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets, that allows navigation and interaction with web pages, text, images, video, and other kinds of multimedia.
Donate web browser brings together those who wish to donate with those who need the help. The goal is to make donations faster, convenient, secure, and free, without the use of a credit card or other form of payment. Simply download Donate Browser to your mobile phone and use it for surfing the internet, as with any other browser. The unique and important difference from other browsers is that all traffic created by the supporters’ navigation generates money used to finance solidarity projects worldwide.

Using this link you can see all of Donate Foundation’s projects.
These projects are backed by important NGOs (in Italian these are called ONG or Onlus) as well as large companies and corporations who have joined forces to add something to Donate Web Browser’s application software that no similar organization has ever had: the generosity to help make the world a better place.
Start your charity work by downloading and installing the Donate Web Browser on your cellphone or computer.

Donate Browser is a global phenomenon, a community of friends, colleagues, and fans, who believe web browsing solidarity should become more and more widespread and faster.