Donate Browser is a simple, fast web browser that focuses on design, security, and efficiency. It uses material design, doesn’t track you, give you lots of options to protect your privacy, and does it in under 2,3 MB. It gets out of the way of the user.


Features – Full-screen, inverted rendering, all the search engines you want, search suggestions, bookmarks, history, user agents, reading mode. Whatever you need Donate Browser does it!

Speed – By utilizing the WebKit rendering engine that comes built into your Android device, Donate Browser can ensure a swift, Donate Browser experience.

Privacy – Use incognito mode to browse without leaving a footprint, download Orbot and turn on TOR proxy support to mask your identify and location, use StartPage or DuckDuckGo for your search engine, or disable settings that you think leave you at risk. Whatever your concern, Donate Browser will try to help.

Design – Donate Browser interface was carefully crafted so you can browse as efficiently as possible. Tabs and bookmarks are all tucked neatly away in side drawers, only a swipe away, allowing maximum screen viewing with minimal interference from the browser’s Chrome. Dark mode, light mode, color mode, night mode. Anyway, whatever you like, there’s a mode for you.

Free – There is not the paid version. Donate Browser is build with AdBlock and unlimited tabs open at a time.